WHITE PAPER: How to prevent attacks and identify data leaks on the dark web?

The growth of cyberattacks is a phenomenon that affects all companies, regardless of their size or field of activity. In this context, awareness of the risks is real. This had led to the implementation of proactive and preventive security measures, including raising the awareness of all employees, training technical teams, carrying out penetration tests on IT systems, etc.

To prevent cyber attacks, it is necessary to control publicly available information about your company. This includes scanning the web for sensitive data, with the aim of reducing the amount of information exposed, or at least removing information that poses a security risk. And to take it a step further, it is possible to adopt a 'scouting' posture - or 'reconnaissance' - in order to identify the strategies and attack plans of hackers on their favourite playground: the dark web.

The objective of this white paper is to review the dark web ecosystem, describe the mechanisms and tactics used by attackers to compromise your critical assets, and then to outline how Vaadata can help you reduce your attack surface by identifying risks on the web while taking into account the specifics of the dark web.

Vaadata, a company specialised in penetration testing

VAADATA is a company highly specialised in penetration testing. We offer black box, grey box and white box security audits of the following scope: web platforms, mobile applications, connected devices, infrastructure and network, social engineering.

Vaadata’s mission is to democratise penetration testing services with offers adapted to both start-ups and large companies. We work with 200 clients in Europe and North America. Among them: Credit Agricole Bank, Heineken, Esker, Dext, Malt, Friendsurance.

Vaadata is a CREST accredited company. Our technical team owns following certifications: CEH, OSCP, GWAPT, OSWE, AWS Certified Security and AWS Certified Solutions Architect, CISSP, PMP.