WHITE PAPER : Security of IoT Wireless technologies

The Internet of Things brings great opportunities for all fields of activity, however, these opportunities often go hand in had with increased exposure to cybersecurity risks through the exchange of data between the objects themselves and remote services connected to the Internet.

Beyond the risks related to the servers security, web interfaces and mobile applications, IoT security also relies on the technologies used to make objects communicate.

This synthesis of the known and exploitable vulnerabilities of the IoT main wireless technologies is here to guide you in choosing a technology that meets your functional and security needs.

The technologies discussed in this white paper are:

  • Short-range wireless Technologies: RFID - NFC
  • Wireless Personal Area Network technologies: IEEE 802.15.4 - ZigBee - Thread - Bluetooth Low Energy - Z-Wave
  • Wireless Local Area Network technologies: Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Wide Area Network technologies: LPWAN - SigFox - LoRaWAN - Cellular IoT

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