BUSINESS CASE: IT Consulting Group

Discover how an IT consulting group relied on Vaadata to assess the security level of its network architecture and ERP system.

The Client is an IT consulting group with about 8000 employees spread across 60 countries. The company relies on a unified information system, which represents a major security stake. The connection to the network of a local office as well as the ERP system are entry points for attacks targeting the company on a large scale, with potentially devastating consequences.

In this business case (anonymized for privacy reasons), you will find detailed information on the stakes, the type of audit performed and the concrete results for the Client.

Vaadata, a company specialized in Pentesting

Vaadata is a French company specialized in security audits. We help companies from all industries to strengthen their cybersecurity level with pentests targeting various scopes: web platforms, mobile applications, IoT, infrastructure and network, social engineering.

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