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Security of IoT Wireless Technologies

Security of IoT Wireless Technologies

The IoT brings great opportunities for all fields of activity, however, these opportunities often go hand in had with increased exposure to cybersecurity risks. Beyond the risks related to the servers security, web interfaces and mobile applications, IoT security also relies on the technologies used to make objects communicate.

This synthesis of the known and exploitable vulnerabilities of the IoT main wireless technologies is here to guide you in choosing a technology that meets your functional and security needs.

How to define the scope of a pentest?

How to define the scope of a pentest? 

Defining the scope of a pentest is a delicate step. What will be the target of the pentest? Which functional and technical aspects should be tested first? What depth and frequency of testing is recommended?

The objective of this white paper is to provide you with various information to help you define a pentest strategy that suits the challenges of your industry, your organisation and your systems and applications. 

Social engineering pentest: How to create a campaign?

Social engineering pentest: How to create a campaign?

A social engineering penetration test consists of auditing human behaviours when facing cyberattacks in a company. In practice, realistic phishing, spear phishing, vishing (phone attacks) and physical intrusions can be carried out.

This white paper is based on our experience with many companies of all sizes and in all sectors. You can use it as a resource to help you choose what will work best for your organisation.

Business Cases

Software Publisher

Discover how a software publisher relies on Vaadata to perform regular security audits of its web platform and improve its technical team skill level on cybersecurity stakes.

FinTech Company

Discover how a FinTech company relies on Vaadata to regularly assess its security level on both technical and human elements.


Discover how an e-commerce division relies on Vaadata to test the robustness of its merchant websites on a regular basis and strengthen the security of its web developments.

IT Consulting Group

Discover how an IT consulting group relied on Vaadata to assess the security level of its network architecture and ERP system.